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Do you suffer with allergies; are you often lethargic, do you feel stuffed up and unwell a lot of the time?

It could be your indoor air quality that is at fault and the biggest contributor is the heating and cooling system ductwork.

Do you know when it was last cleaned? Have you recently moved to a home where pets used to live? Have you had renovations? If it's a new home were the ducts cleaned after construction?

These are all reasons to think about getting your furnace and ducts professionally cleaned.

Whilst we love to clean ducts and furnaces, it is important to remember that the indoor air quality business is growing rapidly and there are many so called experts out there just waiting to take your money and run. There are also many wildly inaccurate claims about what can be done and how powerful the equipment is.

Of course, sometimes it's not about the size of equipment - it's about how you use it!

Here at Duct Doctor we cannot promise to completely eradicate your allergies or completely remove all the dust from your home. In fact, as dust is present in just about every last corner of the home and in every fabric and soft furnishing you have, it would be impossible to even try. What we can promise is to completely clean all the components of your heating and cooling system to ensure that your air quality is the best it can be. We thoroughly clean not just the heat registers and supply pipes, but all return air registers and return cross sections, as well as all main trunk lines, furnace, A/C coil (if fitted), burner assembly, blower fan and filter.

Remember that the furnace itself is the most expensive and important part of the whole system, so it is especially important to keep this clean and change or clean the filter regularly. Most furnace techs do not recommend the expensive lifetime warranty filters as these trap very fine particles of dust and will severely restrict the airflow into the furnace if not cleaned very frequently. A standard Merv 8 rated pleated filter is normally sufficient for most homes during heating season, then a basic fibreglass filter for cooling season is ok.

Finally, if you are suffering from a dusty house and allergic reactions, please remember that the problem may not be simply the ducts; it could be any number of other potential causes such as older carpets, rugs, pet bedding to name a few. Cleaning the ducts and furnace is just part of the "fresh
air experience"

Nigel Chapman

Duct Doctor
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