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Dryer Vent Cleaning:

Does your dryer take longer to dry the clothes than it used to? ... Do you find that it's getting hotter than normal on the top? ... Is there an unusual smell coming from the dryer?

These are typical complaints from customers who need to have their dryer vent cleaned. After a period of time, lint starts to build up inside the pipe and the more it builds, the worse the airflow becomes. If the airflow is restricted, the dryer starts to overheat and in worse case scenario, it could catch fire.

At Duct Doctor, we utilize the specially made reverse blowing skipper ball on a 40ft skipper line, designed exclusively to clean dryer vents from the outside of a building. It can travel through multiple elbows and works just as well on horizontal pipes on sides of buildings, as it does on vertical pipes vented to the roof.

  • We always clean dryer vents from the outside of the building, which means no mess inside your home, and more importantly, we can check that the outer vent cover and flap are clear and working correctly. See example here: Dryer VentDryer Vent.
  • We clean single vents on family homes, multiple vents on condominiums and commercial dryer vents at laundries and salons. Give us a call for a quote today.

If we can gain access to the property, it is always good to run the dryer to check the airflow before and after cleaning. Of course, this is not always possible, so it is important for the homeowner to make sure the flexible pipe behind the dryer is not squashed, or kinked in any way that would restrict the airflow and cause an issue.

Sometimes we are asked if we can clean from the inside, especially if the exhaust flap is on a difficult to reach point outside. We do not clean vents this way normally, because there is a high risk of mess inside the laundry room. We would have to completely pull out the dryer and disconnect the pipe, which is time consuming and often problematic. We would not be able to check the most important part, the outer flap or trap that may be clogged or jammed shut. If the outer flap isn't free and clear, the dryer will not work efficiently.

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