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Professional Duct Cleaning Services in the Okanagan Valley

Duct Cleaning:

We provide a thorough cleaning of all ductwork, supply and return vents, and all furnace component parts which are accessible using our specially built powerful duct cleaning trucks.

  • We shut off the furnace and remove the filter.
  • If not already available, we make an 8 inch diameter access hole for our vacuum hose in the supply plenum, or as close as possible.
  • We make a second access hole in the return side.
  • We isolate supply from return side by inserting a plate in place of filter.
  • We shut off or cover all supply vents.
  • Once the vacuum is running, we work on each individual supply vent. Starting from the upper level, blasting up to 200 psi of air as the vacuum is sucking, ensuring that all dust and debris is pushed into the main trunking and beyond.
  • We repeat this on every supply vent on every level.
  • At this point, we then utilize our exclusive "Dust Devil" reverse and forward air whip, which is fed all the way through the main trunk lines from the furnace, to whip up all the remaining dirt & debris and blow it back towards the vacuum. This high pressure extendable whip is designed to clean all 4 sides of the duct and works, in any size or shape of ducting.
  • We then switch the vacuum hose into the return side and repeat the above again, working with our high pressure wand and "Dust Devil" whip, on all vents and trunk lines.
  • Once all lines are clean, we then clean the furnace plenum, air conditioning coil, burner assembly, blower fan and return air section, then either clean or replace the filter.
  • Before sealing both holes with 10" square plates, we check that there is no debris left inside any part of furnace, re-lighting the pilot light if fitted.
  • The filter is put back in and the furnace is turned back on and run, if possible to check clean air flow.

Nigel Chapman

Duct Doctor

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